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The Next Era in Business Process Management: Artificial Intelligence - RTInsights


By using supervised machine learning, a BPM tool could find valuable patterns in data and automate business processes. In the past, the goals of digital transformation were met primarily with business process management (BPM) tools, which aim to help companies orchestrate resources, route work to the right people, automate routine manual tasks, and enable self-service where none existed before. The idea is that by connecting AI to existing BPM tools, and delivering the data generated by digitized processes to AI systems, companies could do even more work to cut human latency (and thus costs) out of processes while also delivering a better end product to customers. By eliminating the manual processes from determining the best targets for marketing, the BPM tool allows human employees to focus on more complex processes that drive more productivity and revenue, such as fine-tuning those personalized campaigns for higher conversion rates.