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How Machine Learning Can Improve the Efficiency of Fuel Cells?


The world is adapting itself to the digital age changes. We are getting more familiar with the terms of the disruptive technologies that are making it happen. Internet of things (IoT) is one of them. The term was coined by in 1999 by Kevin Ashton, a British technologist. It refers to the connected ecosystem of devices and gadgets, which is benefiting businesses and industries of all types. These devices can be RFID chips, smart devices, or mobile sensors.

Giant larvacean could help the battle against climate change

Daily Mail - Science & tech

A strange sea creature that lives 1,000 feet below the surface encased in a giant bubble of mucus may be key to removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. These bubble-houses are discarded and replaced regularly as the animal grows in size and its filters become clogged with particles. Once discarded, they sink to the seafloor and encapsulate the carbon for good, preventing it from re-entering the atmosphere. Larvaceans also capture and dispose of microplastics in this way, which can come from clothing and cosmetics and often ingested by other marine species. Researchers used a system of lasers mounted on a 12,000 pound robot to map the giant larvacean's delicate body in a series of 3D images.

7 Smart Home Tech Deals for Memorial Day (2020): Instant Pot, Robot Vacs, and More


Now that we're all spending so much time indoors, many of us are looking to upgrade our home spaces. Whether you're tired of vacuuming, have discovered the joy of one-pot meals, or recently realized your thermostat isn't exactly the smartest tool in the shed, many of the biggest tech companies are offering deals on some of our favorite smart (and smart-ish) home products for Memorial Day. Here are our favorite home deals so far. We'll be sure to keep this article updated as we find more discounted favorites throughout the long weekend. If you buy something using links in our stories, we may earn a commission.

This smart fragrance diffuser is a fantastic Memorial Day sale purchase


The way your home smells matters. Not only can a bad scent deter anyone from entering, but it can also affect your mood, productivity, and wellbeing. A positive olfactory experience is just as important as style and aesthetics for happy, healthy home life. So, if you take a deep breath and don't like what you smell, it's time to do something about it. You could get plug-ins or candles, but they can often be sickly sweet-smelling – not to mention dangerous for kids and pets.

Hive's smart home devices finally work with HomeKit


The UK-based smart home company Hive finally works with HomeKit, 9to5Mac reports. A handful of Hive devices -- Hive Active Heating, Hive Active Lights and Hive Active Plugs -- can now be controlled via Apple's Home app, and customers can use HomeKit to control the smart home gadgets across Siri-compatible devices. There are a few caveats. You'll need the newer Hive Hub, and if your Hive Active Heating is connected to a hot water supply, HomeKit won't be able to control it. HomeKit support is not available for the Hive Wired Thermostat.

Smart Home Startup To Offer Home Assistant Alternative To Alexa - Webkarobar - Sab Choro Bass Startup Karo


The company says the pandemic has actually given their business a bump, with April being their best month of sales to date as homeowners stuck in their houses look to finally act on long-considered home improvement projects. Directly taking on Google and Amazon generally seems to be an ill-advised strategy for a young startup. It's even more complicated when you're competing on the home assistants front, a technically-complex, capital-intensive future platform that both tech giants have dumped substantial s…

Microsoft uses machine learning to develop smart energy solutions


Microsoft Real Estate and Security (RE&S) is responsible for heating and cooling 115 buildings in the Puget Sound area. Microsoft Core Services and Engineering (CSEO) partnered with RE&S to improve the effectiveness of the schedules for their heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system to reduce costs and increase employee comfort. CSEO implemented machine learning to predict when employees will arrive into Microsoft buildings each morning and how long it will take for a building to reach its optimal comfort temperature. As a result, we were able to generate a dynamic HVAC schedule that resulted in significant cost savings and increased employee comfort for RE&S. We're continuing to implement machine learning in our buildings throughout the Puget Sound region and we're encouraging the rest of Microsoft to use machine learning to optimize operations and drive digital transformation.

Not even the most powerful computer can predict what a baby will become


What is it about the face of a human baby that we find so mesmerizing? We're not talking about a puppy here -- a specimen that's actually designed by nature to be adorable. But those baby faces, all scrunched-up and pink, still somehow hold us rapt. Maybe that's because it's more about what we don't see. A baby's face is like a blank canvas.

Toyota's Woven City: a Prototype City of the Future


Toyota has revealed plans to build a prototype "city" of the future on a 175-acre site at the base of Mt. Called the Woven City, it will be a fully connected ecosystem powered by hydrogen fuel cells. Envisioned as a "living laboratory," the Woven City will serve as a home to full-time residents and researchers who will be able to test and develop technologies such as autonomy, robotics, personal mobility, smart homes and artificial intelligence in a real-world environment.