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'All In' on AI, Part 1: HomeCare Wizard, Enabling Smart Appliances to Diagnose Themselves


The potential of artificial intelligence (AI) is exciting and vast, with researchers just starting to understand all the potential applications. However, one solution which users can tap into now, to experience how AI can make their lives more convenient and easier, is Samsung Electronics' HomeCare Wizard. The unique AI-based service solution, available on Samsung's 2018 smart home appliances, essentially enables devices to diagnose themselves for not only system errors, but to enhance efficiency and to help users use their appliances better.

Whirlpool plugs Alexa and Google Assistant into its appliances


Whirlpool's smart appliances have already had some voice assistant control, but they're about become particularly AI-savvy. The company has unveiled a 2018 lineup where many appliances support both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, letting you control most of your home using the smart speaker (or mobile app) you prefer. You can check the time left on the washing machine, start the dishwasher or change the temperature of your fridge without lifting a finger.

How AI can be a force for good


You probably know that by 2022 an estimated 5 million jobs worldwide will be lost to AI-enabled automation technologies. You probably also know that Oxford University says that 47 percent of American jobs are at risk of being automated, and you probably know two or three more harrowing statistics along the same lines. But did you know that AI is able to spot genetic diseases that human doctors can't detect? Or greatly reduce power consumption using smart energy grids? Or educate children with hyperpersonal teaching techniques?