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Robotics and AI Assist in Caring for the Elderly - Nanalyze


In Japan, famous for the longevity of its people, their endearing use of engrish, and their fetish for girls in Catholic school uniforms, the care of the elderly is a particularly acute problem. A third of the Japanese population is reportedly above the age of 60, and the number of people over 90 years of age just topped two million for the first time. Add in a rapidly shrinking population, and you have a country where you have more people eating the early bird special than not. So it's no surprise that Japan is leading the world in robotic elder care, offering a glimpse into our geriatric future.

Better loving through technology: a day at the sex-toy hackathon

The Guardian

Twelve years of Catholic school prepares you for a lot of weird things, but walking into a church to find 50 people testing vibrators on each other's noses, strapping each other into inflatable hug machines and flinging around bits of deconstructed sex toys under a huge stained-glass window that reads THOU ART THE KING OF GLORY O CHRIST is not one of them.

Catholic School Teacher Says He Was Fired After Students Outed Him As Gay

Huffington Post

A religion teacher at one of the city's most prestigious private high schools said he was harassed and threatened by students after they found his online dating profile -- and then he was fired by the school.