Charter Schools

Cognitive Computing and Machine Learning from the Cynic

Huffington Post

The advocates of machine learning are known to be a fiercely contentious lot, each asserting that its own approach is superior to all others, and that any evidence adduced to the contrary is propaganda, fake news of the worst sort, stemming from jealous advocates of inferior approaches. The closest approximation to the internecine warfare of the machine learning field is the human learning field, in which advocates of public, government-run and union-staffed schools exchange harsh words with advocates of charter schools, with a level of invective and passion that indicates that someone is strongly in favor of hopelessly uneducated machines and/or humans.

Robots will destroy our jobs – and we're not ready for it

The Guardian

The McDonald's on the corner of Third Avenue and 58th Street in New York City doesn't look all that different from any of the fast-food chain's other locations across the country. Inside, however, hungry patrons are welcomed not by a cashier waiting to take their order, but by a "Create Your Taste" kiosk – an automated touch-screen system that allows customers to create their own burgers without interacting with another human being.

Will A.I. Replace Teachers?


I'm a full-time middle school teacher at an IB charter school in Texas. I'm also the CEO of a company that is utilizing A.I. technologies to improve K-12 education through synchronized planning calendars. During my journey with EduSync, I've learned a few things about what artificial intelligence is, what it isn't, and how it can have a positive impact in K-12.