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Harvard Business School Is Teaching MBAs About Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning -- Here's Why


At Harvard Business School (HBS), MBA students are pondering a future when robots rule the road. The pioneers of the driverless car movement -- such as Google and Tesla -- are mapping the MBAs a future in which artificial intelligence and robotics will likely impact the entire job market and global economy.

Physicians Outline Challenges, Advantages of Using Virtual Patients as Teaching Tool


Virtual patients are becoming a useful tool for medical students and a resource for medical schools. The obvious reality that students can make mistakes with no risk to the "patient" is part of the attraction to this technology.

Digital Disruption and Fintech Innovation


The Scotiabank Digital Banking Lab at Ivey Business School hosted a special evening event in Toronto featuring Ray Sharma, HBA '96, Executive Managing Partner of Extreme Venture Partners – a venture capital firm investing in financial technology (fintech) startups. Ray will provide an in-depth analysis of the fast-paced trends in the fintech space, and navigate us through the impact of artificial intelligence, crowdfunding, and block chain on the financial sector. The Digital Banking Lab is funded by a generous 3-million donation from Scotiabank. Its goal is to provide research, education, and outreach on digital disruption and fintech innovation.

Google now tells you why you're feeling sick


Google says it's offering all of these details strictly for informational purposes and that you should always consult a real doctor for proper medical advice. In other words, don't try to diagnose your severe cold just through search results. However, the company did consult with a team of doctors to review symptom info and experts at Harvard Medical School and Mayo Clinic evaluated the conditions to help improve the lists. That's in addition to collected data from medical searches and doctors in Google's own Knowledge Graph.

A law firm has hired an AI "lawyer" to cut through the drudgery of corporate law


The first job after law school can be horrendous--not simply because of the intense workload and long hours, but also the drudgery. A huge amount of legal work given to those on the lowest rung of the ladder consists of reading through hundreds of pages of notes, articles, and case precedents, to provide senior lawyers with legal details that can help build their case.