Institute Announces Unique Business Courses for Artificial Intelligence – American Institute of Artificial Intelligence


American Institute of Artificial Intelligence is announcing the launch of several business courses in Artificial Intelligence. Each course trains corporate and government leaders on how to design the future of their firms by using and incorporating Artificial Intelligence. Tiffany Parker, Head of Business Development and Operations, said, "We are meeting with C-Level officers and business strategy leaders to brief them on the need for artificial intelligence centric business courses.

Skills gap could hold back blockchain, AI, IoT advancements in 2017


Blockchains, AI, internet of things (IoT), and other emergent technologies are all going to be major forces in the coming year, notes IT industry analyst firm CompTIA in its IT Industry Outlook 2017 report. But these new-school technologies are hemmed in by some of the industry's oldest and most pervasive problems: Lack of qualified people to make the most of them, laggardly approaches to security, and whether or not they represent solutions still looking for a good problem. In CompTIA's eyes, the emergent technologies of the coming year include software-defined components (the enablers of "hyperconverged infrastructure"), blockchain technology, and machine learning/artificial intelligence. As with the cloud environments most of these will prosper in, they're "primarily focused on the back end, and [we] will see initial adoption at the enterprise level before moving downstream into the SMB space." The hard part will be figuring out where they're genuinely useful.