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Feature Engineering for Deep Learning - DZone AI


Feature engineering and feature extraction are key -- and time-consuming -- parts of the machine learning workflow. They are about transforming training data and augmenting it with additional features in order to make machine learning algorithms more effective. Deep learning is changing that, according to its promoters. With deep learning, one can start with raw data, as features will be automatically created by the neural network when it learns. As usual with bold statements, this is both true and false.

Machine Learning with R Simpliv


This is the bite size course to learn R Programming for Machine Learning and Statistical Learning. In CRISP DM data mining process, machine learning is at the modeling and evaluation stage. You will need to know some R programming, and you can learn R programming from my "Create Your Calculator: Learn R Programming Basics Fast" course. You will learn R Programming for machine learning and you will be able to train your own prediction models with naive bayes, decision tree, knn, neural network, linear regression, and evaluate your models very soon after learning the course.

Using Machine Learning to Analyze Landing Pages


We had hoped when we started this project that with a semantic element as simple as headline, human experts would tend to agree on what constitutes a headline. As we've seen above, this turns out not to be the case.

Machine Learning Helps Out Citizen Scientists


Machine learning could help complete research tasks usually given to citizen scientists. A new study shows how teaching a computer specific image recognition skills can be used in projects that require classification of large amounts of image data. For years scientists have taken advantage of volunteers who help them sort through massive datasets that are too large for small research teams. Previously this work was needed to be done by humans because the technology for a machine to do it didn't exist. But that is all about to change.

The Dawn of Zendesk's Machine Learning Model Building Platform with AWS Batch


When we worked on Content Cues, one of Zendesk's machine learning products, we encountered the scalability challenge of having to build up to 50k machine learning (ML) models daily. Looking at the data was initially nerve-wracking. This article focuses on the new model building platform we designed and built for Content Cues, and has been running on AWS Batch in production for a few months. From conception to implementation, the process has been a challenging yet rewarding experience for us, and we would like to share our journey with you. This is the first of a 3 part series, covering how we evaluated different technology options (AWS Batch, AWS Sagemaker, Kubernetes, EMR Hadoop/Spark), ultimately deciding on AWS Batch.

Introducing Feast: an open source feature store for machine learning Google Cloud Blog


To operate machine learning systems at scale, teams need to have access to a wealth of feature data to both train their models, as well as to serve them in production. GO-JEK and Google Cloud are pleased to announce the release of Feast, an open source feature store that allows teams to manage, store, and discover features for use in machine learning projects. Developed jointly by GO-JEK and Google Cloud, Feast aims to solve a set of common challenges facing machine learning engineering teams by becoming an open, extensible, unified platform for feature storage. It gives teams the ability to define and publish features to this unified store, which in turn facilitates discovery and feature reuse across machine learning projects. "Feast is an essential component in building end-to-end machine learning systems at GO-JEK," says Peter Richens, Senior Data Scientist at GO-JEK, "we are very excited to release it to the open source community. We worked closely with Google Cloud in the design and development of the product, and this has yielded a robust system for the management of machine learning features, all the way from idea to production."

Lessons Learned at Instagram Stories and Feed Machine Learning


Instagram machine learning has grown a lot since we announced Feed ranking back in 2016. Our recommender system serves over 1 billion users on a regular basis. We also now use machine learning for more than just ranking Feed and Stories: we source and recommend posts from Hashtags you follow, blend in different types of content together, and power intelligent app prefetching. All of the different ways Instagram uses machine learning deserves its own post, but we want to discuss a few lessons we've learned along the way of building our ML pipeline. We made a few decisions for how we do modeling that have been beneficial to us either by improving our models' predictive power and providing top line improvements or by maintaining the accuracy and lowering our memory consumption.

Is The Demand For Machine Learning Engineers Surpassing The Need For Data Scientists?


Studies in the past have revealed that Data Scientist is the sexiest job of the century. While that still holds true in many aspects, the next job role that is proving to be the next'data scientist' in terms of salaries and satisfaction is the Machine Learning Engineers (MLE). ML Engineers along with Data Scientists (DS) and Big Data Engineers have been ranked among the top emerging jobs on LinkedIn. A study by LinkedIn suggests that there are currently 1,829 open Machine Learning Engineering positions on the website. It has been trending as the dream job for engineering graduates across the globe for the year 2018.

Apple invites children to program robots and design transport as part of Year of Engineering

The Independent

The entire Tube network is down, they're told. And they're the only people with any hope of getting it back into operation. If the performance of the schoolchildren involved is anything to go by, one day they might really be relied on to maintain the transport systems of the future. But for now this is just an exercise, albeit one they take very seriously. It is just one of a a huge number of "Field Trips" happening at Apple Stores across the country as part of the iPhone maker's support of the government's Year of Engineering scheme.