Influence of machine learning in Engineering education


Recent news on Sophia the robot getting citizenship in the Saudi Arabia has widely attracted daily news and social media. Despite the debates and agitations on a robot getting recognition as humans, experts view this event as a phenomenal milestone in the research of AI.

Putting projects at the forefront

MIT News

Rose Wang loves to work on projects -- especially ones that exceed the bounds of her declared majors, economics and computer science. She thrives on do-it-yourself design solutions. Her latest involves making an aerodynamic drone. "We'll see how that goes," she says. So when Wang spotted a campus poster about a new project-centric program, the New Engineering Education Transformation (NEET), she went all in.

Online program wins engineering education award

MIT News

In collaboration with Boeing and edX, MIT has been honored with the 2017 Excellence in Engineering Education Collaboration Award by the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE). The team was chosen for its design and development of a new four-course online professional certification program called Architecture and Systems Engineering: Models and Methods to Manage Complex Systems. The curriculum explores state-of-the-art practices in systems engineering and also demonstrates the value of models in enhancing system engineering functions and augmenting tasks with quantitative analysis. The program launched last September and ran through March. Nine faculty members from MIT and more than 25 industry experts from Boeing, NASA, IBM, Apple, General Electric, General Motors, and other companies developed content for the courses.