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There are two common determining factors among those successful IPOs: Ideation and User Generated Content (UGC). This platform will combine artificial intelligence with human intelligence along with big data to spur long term sustainable economic development that will facilitate the discovery, as well as the advancement of ideas - from ideation to monetization, in the area of economic development through the creation of new businesses, land infrastructure projects, environmental projects, scientific research, and technological projects. According to Accenture LLP's report "Why Artificial intelligence is The Future of Growth", research on the impact of AI in 12 developed economies reveals that AI could double annual economic growth rates by 2035, specifically by changing the nature of work and creating a new relationship between Man and Machine. With this platform, people with innovative ideas will be able to have their ideas validated, protected and converted into capital; investors will have a new platform and mechanism to effectively invest in new ideas and or companies; industry practitioners will have more and better ideas to execute on; governments will have additional income through their stake in the platform funded projects; the society will have a long term sustainable growth model.

An Artificial Intelligence Retrospective Analysis Of IBM 2017 Q1 Earnings Call


In other words, our algorithm discovers symbols that represent some level of importance based on propositional logic to drive a causational model. In a nutshell, the AI part of the analysis is to read the transcript like a human researcher and bring out positive points, negative points, and points with both positive and negative aspects. There are two type of Meta Objects, namely, Machine Generated Hashtag (or MGH) nodes and Supporting Fact (or SF) nodes. In a similar manner, the software system uses visual charts to depict the discovered subjects, relationships, underlying context, properties, and references to source documents.

Look for Shopify to make a splash in artificial intelligence, says Industrial Alliance - Cantech Letter


Abernethy says he thinks this cash will be used for acquisitions. "We see this financing as providing Shopify with greatly increased flexibility to pursue its expanding range of growth opportunities both organically and, potentially, through acquisitions," he says. We also see opportunities for Shopify to broaden its offering through the acquisition of growth platforms in adjacent markets, such as accounting software (for example, private companies such as Wave or Freshbooks with millions of small business users could be of interest), marketing automation solutions, and logistics for small businesses." Abenrnethy thinks Shopify will post Adjusted EBITDA of $6.9-million on a topline of $629.1-million in fiscal 2017.

Self-Driving Car Tech Firm Mobileye First-Quarter Profit, Revenue Jump

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The company said it posted new advanced driver system wins, forged alliances with new partners and moved forward with its proprietary high-definition mapping project by signing definitive collaboration deals with several major automakers.

The state of AI adoption in media - Digiday


The duopoly has gobbled up artificial intelligence startups, and it's hungry for more. The big picture • Google's parent, Alphabet, has acquired 11 AI startups over the past five years, the most of any public company. Sports Illustrated uses a tool created by Arkadium to create infographics; The Associated Press has used Automated Insights for the past three years to generate stories about everything from public companies' earnings reports to the outcomes of minor league baseball games. AP's business desk said using Automated Insights for earnings stories freed up 20 percent more time to report longer, more in-depth stories.

For Digital Marketers, The Future of AI Is Now - Digital Marketing Stream


Applications of AI and machine learning are exploding around the world as businesses and governments buy into the fast-developing technology to cut costs, improve security and better serve their customers and citizens. Research by Accenture, a leader in artificial intelligence research and development, sees economic growth rates of many developed countries doubling by 2035 due to AI, with labor productivity increasing as much as 40 percent. The survey identifies AI followers as marketing companies, which primarily use AI to gauge future customer purchases, improve media buying, monitor social media and tailor promotions. Maria Marinina on recommends trying Quill Engage to quickly produce useful reports based on Google Analytics data.

Remark Holding's (MARK) CEO Shing Tao on Q1 2017 Results - Earnings Call Transcript


Key to the development of KanKan is the creation of a dynamic enriched data platform and the implementation of artificial intelligence and machine learning based data analysis capabilities which enable us to analyze and packages data to offer a series of data solutions and products. Late in 2016, Alibaba Cloud marketplace - to promote KanKan's deep-learning based image classification solution for its business customers in the cloud computing environment. The combined offering provides Alibaba Cloud enterprise customers with a comprehensive platform offering real-time risk insights, enterprise development analysis, investor, partner and customer targeting and customized data packages by leveraging publicly available business data in China on the macro level. They enable us to reveal deep insight in consumer behavior regarding specific products for brand and create customized digital marketing solutions to provide highly effective and cost efficient data model to our respective customer basis.

Cisco Announces Intent to Acquire MindMeld


As chat and voice quickly become the interfaces of choice, MindMeld's AI technology will enable Cisco to deliver unique experiences throughout its portfolio, starting with collaboration. This acquisition will power new conversational interfaces for Cisco's collaboration products, revolutionizing how users will interact with our technology, increasing ease of use, and enabling new cognitive capabilities. Integrating MindMeld into the Cisco Spark platform will transform how users interact in Cisco Spark Spaces, Cisco Spark Meetings, and Cisco Spark Care." This press release may be deemed to contain forward-looking statements, which are subject to the safe harbor provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995, including statements regarding the acquisition powering new conversational interfaces for Cisco's collaboration suite of products, revolutionizing how our users will interact with our technology, increasing ease of use, and enabling new cognitive capabilities, the integration of MindMeld into the Cisco Spark platform transforming how users interact in Cisco Spark Spaces, Cisco Spark Meetings, and Cisco Spark Care, the expected completion of the acquisition and the time frame in which this will occur, the expected benefits to Cisco and its customers from completing the acquisition, and plans regarding MindMeld personnel.

NVIDIA Corporation (NVDA) Stock Tear Continues, Riding On Artificial Intelligence


It's really no surprise to anyone that artificial intelligence and deep learning were two key highlights of the chip maker's analyst day. Several analysts boosted their price targets for NVIDIA Corporation (NVDA) stock this week following the company's strong beat and raise earnings results. JPMorgan analyst Harlan Sur boosted his price target for NVIDIA Corporation (NVDA) stock from $116 to $122. Needham analysts Rajvindra Gill and Robert Bertens raised their price target for NVIDIA Corporation (NVDA) stock from $120 to $130.

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