Stephen Hawking says most of our history is "the history of stupidity"


"We spend a great deal of time studying history," Hawking told the lecture, "which, let's face it, is mostly the history of stupidity." It's not the first time Hawking has been worried about artificial intelligence. The Leverhulme Centre of the Future of Intelligence at the University of Cambridge, where Hawking is also a professor, has received more than US$12 million (£10 million) in grants to run research projects that will enhance the future potential of artificial intelligence, while carefully addressing the risks. With Google already developing artificial intelligence that can learn from its own memory; Elon Musk worrying about humans become the dumb "house pets" of AI in the future; and computer systems already rivalling four-year-olds in IQ tests, it's definitely something worth thinking about sooner rather than later.