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Enver Yucel is the founder of BAU Global, a broad education network headquartered in Turkey, consisting of five universities, three language schools, four academic centers and one boarding school spread across North America, Europe, Africa and Asia. Yucel has devoted his life to education, having served an estimated 150,000 students since starting his first institution with three class rooms in Istanbul in 1974. He is also a member of the Advisory Board of the UN Institute for Training and Research. He was invited to speak at the AI World Conference & Expo in Boston in the fall of 2019, the first Turkish speaker in the four years of the conference. He recently took some time to answer questions posed by AI Trends Editor John P Desmond, who was in the audience for his Boston talk.

Robot with origami leaves can follow the sun like a real plant

New Scientist

Many plants naturally bend towards bright light. Now a robot has been built that copies a technique plants use to do the same thing. Creating a robot that can sense and adjust automatically to its environment without any need for programming or maintenance is one of the major goals of robotics. A machine that could control and regulate itself in this way can then behave like a living organism, says Bilge Baytekin at Bilkent University in Turkey.

Syrian and Turkish armies engage in new deadly clashes in Idlib

The Japan Times

ANKARA – Turkey said that two more of its soldiers were killed Wednesday in a Syrian government attack in northwestern Syria, as steady clashes between the two national armies continued to rack up casualties. Turkey has sent thousands of troops into the area to support Syrian insurgents holed up there, but hasn't been able to stop the Russian-backed Syrian government offensive to retake the Idlib province. A Syrian opposition war monitor said nine Syrian soldiers were also killed in Turkish drone attacks in the northwestern area. The Turkish Defense Ministry's statement said that the latest Syrian attack on its troops also wounded six soldiers. It did not provide further details.

Trend Forecasting Models and Seasonality with Time Series


Gasoline prices always is an issue in Turkey; because Turkish people love to drive where they would go but they complain about the prices anyway. I wanted to start digging for the last seven years' prices and how they went. I have used unleaded gasoline 95 octane prices from Petrol Ofisi which is a fuel distribution company in Turkey. I arranged the prices monthly between 2013 and 2020 as the Turkish currency, Lira (TL). First of all, I wanted to see how gasoline prices went during the period and analyze the fitted trend lines.

AI talent is moving fast around the world, OECD database shows


In the global rush to develop artificial intelligence (AI), the US, European Union and China have taken an early lead in published research papers – but they are often drawing on talent from India, Turkey and other countries, according to a new database launched by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development. The OECD database – part of a growing inter-governmental effort to track AI trends and policies – indicates India has produced three times as many people with AI-related skills as the average for the 20 biggest economies in the world. And, the database shows, Indian AI experts are also the most likely in the world to have used their skills to get work abroad – often in the US or Germany, two of the biggest importers of AI talent. Besides India, other major exporters of global AI talent include Turkey and China. These complex patterns of AI talent moving around the world come as concerns grow in several capitals that governments need to step up local training in AI, if they want to stay competitive globally.

Artificial Intelligence for Predicting The Safest Path After an Earthquake


There has been a lot of research to predict earthquakes and how to increase safety during an earthquake. A question that has remained relatively unexplored is what happens after an earthquake? And how can Artificial Intelligence help? The last question is a big issue to tackle, which we focused on in this challenge. Scientists predict that there will be an earthquake in Istanbul in the near future but the exact date is difficult to identify since Istanbul resides on a fault line.

Deep Learning for Financial Applications : A Survey

arXiv.org Machine Learning

Computational intelligence in finance has been a very popular topic for both academia and financial industry in the last few decades. Numerous studies have been published resulting in various models. Meanwhile, within the Machine Learning (ML) field, Deep Learning (DL) started getting a lot of attention recently, mostly due to its outperformance over the classical models. Lots of different implementations of DL exist today, and the broad interest is continuing. Finance is one particular area where DL models started getting traction, however, the playfield is wide open, a lot of research opportunities still exist. In this paper, we tried to provide a state-of-the-art snapshot of the developed DL models for financial applications, as of today. We not only categorized the works according to their intended subfield in finance but also analyzed them based on their DL models. In addition, we also aimed at identifying possible future implementations and highlighted the pathway for the ongoing research within the field.

Using AI for Earthquake Response To Unite Families


As is often the case in real-world situations, the ideal data didn't exist. When we uncover data roadblocks -- nonexistent, incomplete or inaccurate data -- we invent ways to get around them. The domain expertise of our partners and the creativity of our diverse collaborators come into play. Semih Boyaci, Co-Founder of Impact Hub Istanbul, sees the benefit of working with an inclusive team: "As different community members contribute to the solutions, a significant level of diversity is integrated into the solutions. This not only prevents potential errors in a timely manner but also brings a higher level of creativity to the challenge process."

sociology of artificial intelligence a relational sociological investigation in the field of health


The effects of artificial intelligence in all areas of life, especially in health, education, economy, family and law, are gradually increasing all over the world. It is now a common assumption that artificial intelligence as a social phenomenon cannot be analyzed without the contribution of the social sciences. The main problem of this research, despite the uncertainty of the effects of artificial intelligence, as a developing country, is widely used in Turkey. For this reason, the primary purpose of this paper is to reveal what artificial intelligence is and its effects on health. To achieve this goal, Harrison White's book "Identity and Control" [1] was used.

Lenovo offers surveillance security solutions at Intersec 2020


Video surveillance systems are evolving and are using artificial intelligence (AI) to inspect and analyse video footage, interpret patterns and flag unusual activity. Lenovo DCG and Pivot3 provide a state-of-the-art upgraded infrastructure solutions that aim to enhance current technology required to support these systems rather than entrusting the preservation of crucial data to outdated NVR technology. Commenting on the partnership, Dr. Chris Cooper, General Manager for Lenovo DCG, Middle East, Turkey and Africa, said, "We are delighted to showcase our partnership with Pivot3 at one the world's leading technology trade shows. The Middle East is exhibiting tremendous growth in terms of adopting smart solutions. The UAE in particular is investing heavily in implementing the latest innovations in their technological infrastructure; therefore, we see great potential from our partnership with Pivot3 as we work together to supply the appetite for next generation computing products and services."