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A.Iron Maiden? Artificial Intelligence Creates 'Iron Maiden' Song 'Power Gravy'!


Funk Turkey is a pseudonym and stage name of Arkansas parody/comedy musician and producer Kirt Connor. The YouTuber recently used artificial intelligence to create a new "Metallica" and "Nirvana" songs, which we recently shared here on Dread Central. If you missed them, check it out "Deliverance Rides" and "Smother" by following the links below. Artificial Intelligence Creates "Metallica Song" That's Pretty Hilarious Artificial Intelligence Creates "Nirvana Song" That's Pretty On Point Funk Turkey's latest A.I.-scribed ditty is in the style of Iron Maiden. "Power Gravy" is really… something!

YouTuber creates 'new' Iron Maiden song 'Power Gravy' using artificial intelligence


Iron Maiden might not have released original music for half a decade, but YouTuber Funk Turkey has employed artificial intelligence to create a track in imitation of the band entitled'Power Gravy'. The generated lyrics open: "8 and 40 souls became the number of the Moon / when you're debating witches and the clouds In His Majesty's Craft", while the chorus concerns the titular'Power Gravy'. "Vocals are… hard," Connor wrote on YouTube. "Bruce Dickinson is very hard to emulate/impersonate, so I just did the best I could and hope it's not awful. That man has golden pipes. It sounds like a South Park parody, but then again, it is a parody, so… uhhhh… don't take it too seriously."

Artificial Intelligence Wrote This Fake Iron Maiden Song


Funk Turkey has become Metal YouTube's latest sensation, thanks to his clever use of the website, Mr. Turkey has been taking these lyrics and setting them to music, thus far making for some deeply silly, surprisingly authentic-sounding takes on AC/DC and Metallica. Now Funk is back, this time with a faux-Iron Maiden song, dubbed "Gravy Power," which features such incredible lyrics as these: Funk Turkey killed it musically, too -- in fact, even with these ridiculous lyrics, "Gravy Power" is probably better than anything on A Matter of Life and Death, and definitely better than anything from the Blaze Bayley era.

YouTuber Breeds Fake Nirvana Song With Artificial Intelligence


YouTuber Funk Turkey has made a new fake Nirvana song using A.I. programming. It's Turkey's latest endeavor following a flurry of other mock tracks mimicking the likes of AC/DC, Metallica and Nickelback, to name a few. The song is called "Smother," a three-minute concoction of Nirvana-esque tropes that attempts to mirror the legendary band's distinctive personality. Turkey notes in the video's description, "using to scrape the Genius Lyrics Database, I made a Markov Chain write Nirvana lyrics." Generating lines like "I could eat your heart-shaped box for food" and "You never lost control," the lyrics reappropriate familiar keywords from some of Nirvana's biggest hits.

Listen to a fake Nirvana song created using artificial intelligence


A YouTuber has used artificial intelligence to create a fake Nirvana song. The final result is a three-minute track called "Smother", which is… kind of a banger? User Funk Turkey is behind the creation, which follows his other AI tracks in the style of AC/DC (cleverly renamed AI/DC), Red Hot Chili Peppers (AKA Red Bot Chili Peppers), and Nickelback (or: Nickelbot). Discussing "Smother" in the track's description, Funk Turkey explains that he used He added: "All music/vocals performed, mixed, and mastered by me, in my kitchen, on a sparkly red cheap Stratocaster, a crappy mic, and an old copy of ProTools."

YouTuber creates fake Nirvana song using artificial intelligence


A YouTuber has used artificial intelligence to write a fake Nirvana song -- you can listen to the end result, 'Smother', below. YouTuber Funk Turkey is behind the creation, having used a similar methodology recently to create fake "new" songs by AC/DC, Metallica and Nickelback. Funk Turkey explained in'Smother"s accompanying description that they used The YouTuber then performed, mixed and mastered the music and vocals "in my kitchen, on a sparkly red cheap Stratocaster, a crappy mic, and an old copy of ProTools". You can hear the end result, 'Smother', below. Speaking about programming the drums using'Superior Drummer 2', Funk Turkey added: "I know Dave Grohl hates computer drums but it's the best thing I got, soooo… Sorry Dave.

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AI/DC: Artificial Intelligence Writes an AC/DC Song MetalSucks


We still don't know when we'll get to hear actual new AC/DC, but in the meantime, this actually kinda-sorta suffices: a YouTuber known as Funk Turkey put all of the legendary Australian band's lyrics into the program, The resulting song, "Great Balls," is about as accurate a parody of AC/DC as you're likely to ever hear. And even if you don't agree with that assessment, well… the lyrics are pretty goddamn funny.

Listen to an AC/DC Song Written by Artificial Intelligence


If artificial intelligence truly becomes intelligent, the computer brains of the future will be AC/DC fans, won't they? They might even start their own tribute bands – and if they take it a step further and start writing their own songs, the results could sound like a new track created by YouTuber Funk Turkey called "Great Balls." The song was assembled after he put all of AC/DC's lyrics through a Markov chain. The modeling software is normally used for complex analysis of things like predicting thermodynamic states, DNA evolution, solar panel efficiency, computer speech recognition, web-surfing behavior and stock market trends. "I put the lyrics of AC/DC into a bot and asked it to write a song," Funk Turkey explained.

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Al Jazeera

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