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Salesforce acquires Tel Aviv-based conversational AI startup Bonobo for a reported $50 million -


Editor's note: This exclusive article from CTech (Meir Orbach) was syndicated with permission. Inc. is acquiring Tel Aviv-based conversational AI startup Bonobo, incorporated as Bonobot Technologies Ltd., the company announced Thursday. The company did not disclose the financial terms of the deal, but one person familiar with the matter who spoke to Calcalist on condition of anonymity put it at $50 million. Founded in 2017 by Barak Goldstein, Efrat Rapoport, Idan Tsitiat, and Ohad Hen, Bonobo develops conversational AI technology designed to extract insights from online customer interactions. The company's technology integrates directly with various sources of customer interaction data, such as voice, chat, video, and email, running AI algorithms to analyze the data.

BigData in HealthCare TLV April 16, 2019, Wohl Center, Tel Aviv


"I am delighted to invite you to participate in the first Big DataTLV event in Israel to focus on HealthCare.The event takes place on April 16, 2019, in the Wohl Convention Center in the heart of Innovation Nation, Israel."

Calcalist to Host Tel Aviv Big Data Conference


Speakers at the event include Israeli pop star and entrepreneur Ivri Lider. Lider is co-owner of MyPart Inc., a Tel Aviv-based startup that lets little-known artists offer their original songs, lyrics, music, translations, and visual art to successful musicians of their choice. One of the key speakers will be Avi Korenblum, a 20-year veteran of Israeli intelligence organizations. In 2012, Korenblum founded New York-headquartered online data analysis company Voyager Labs. Incorporated as Voyager Analytics Inc., the company develops artificial intelligence technology that provides enterprises with real-time actionable insights into their users' on-site activity.

CommonSense Robotics launches micro-fulfillment center in Tel Aviv


Imagine if your neighborhood grocery or convenience store offered one-hour, on-demand fulfillment -- not through intermediaries like Postmates or Instacart, but entirely in-house -- and made a profit on every order. As fantastical as the idea might seem, that's the promise of CommonSense Robotics, an Israeli micro-fulfillment startup that today launched its first autonomous sorting and shipping center in downtown Tel Aviv. "We started CommonSense Robotics because as consumers we wondered: Why can't we get our online orders faster and cheaper than going to the store? We're excited to see this groundbreaking technology finally serving real customers to allow for fast, inexpensive deliveries of high-quality products," said Elram Goren, CEO and cofounder of CommonSense Robotics, adding, "It's a true win-win for both retailers and consumers." CommonSense's fulfillment center -- which it claims is the world's smallest -- measures just 6,000 square feet in total.

Three days left to buy TC Tel Aviv tickets


You will need one of those. We've created a stellar, info-packed agenda that you won't want to miss, so go and buy your general admission ticket right now. Because Israel's leading the charge on boundary-pushing mobility and everything that hot topic entails. You'll hear from some of the people designing and building Israel's latest mobility technologies -- autonomous vehicles, sensors, drones, security and maybe even a flying car or two. You'll hear from government officials pushing the edge of alternative transportation and smart mobility, and you'll hear venture capitalists discussing how mobility startups can scale and navigate international expansion.

Tel Aviv University's smart artificial intelligence program - Hi tech news - Jerusalem Post


What if traffic lights turned red or green at the optimal time? What if a robot could clean up after your kids? What if the city could monitor railroad tracks in real time, preventing collisions between people and trains? These scenarios and similar ones are not too far in the future, according to experts at Tel Aviv University, where scientists and other researchers are working on several machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) projects.

Three computer vision experts join TechCrunch's Tel Aviv event


Who's going to be the next Mobileye? Computer vision is a hot topic for the tech industry, and especially in Israel. It seems like Israeli entrepreneurs are one step ahead when it comes to developing computer vision technology. That's why we're excited to announce that three computer vision experts are going to join us on stage to share their knowledge about this space. First up, Inon Beracha has become a well-known name in Israel.

Tel Aviv University develop robotic glove that shows how in sync our body is

Daily Mail - Science & tech

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Samsung opens branch in Tel Aviv to tap into Israel's engineering innovation

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Samsung Electronics opened a branch of its early-stage technology investment program in Tel Aviv to tap into the innovative engineering Israel is known for. Investment in individual companies will typically be about 1 million with no limit on the number of beneficiaries or the funding amount, Eyal Miller, Samsung Next Tel Aviv's general manager and chief executive, said at a news conference. "Everyone is trying to leapfrog the competition," said Kai Bond, general manager and chief executive of Samsung Global Innovation Center in New York. "But for us to continue to innovate three, five, seven years out, we want to play with individuals who are very, very early on, at a concept phase with a vision, as opposed to something that is fully established." Apple, a top Samsung competitor, acquired India's Tuplejump Software this year to expand its expertise in artificial intelligence.

Silicon Valley Heads to Tel Aviv for Ideas - Breitbart


"It's happening," TechCrunch announced on their website Sunday. "The TechCrunch team landed in Tel Aviv and we're in the starting blocks for the TechCrunch Meetup Pitch-Off in Tel Aviv on Wednesday June 22. And it's going to be an awesome event." Panels and meetings include discussions with an Israeli venture capitalist firm, a medical nanofiber technology company, a firm that deals with artificial intelligence, and another that is focused on the technology that gave the world self-driving cars, in addition to a host of others. Additionally, attendees will participate in an intimate fireside chat with Israel's ninth President, Shimon Peres.