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What happens when the digital assistants get (really) good Jul 28, 2016
Apple shifts focus of Project Titan to autonomous car technology Jul 28, 2016
Google is on a 'journey,' but we won't really know where it leads until fall - CNET Jul 27, 2016
Will Amazon's Alexa make your home as responsive as a 'Star Trek' starship? Jul 27, 2016
Winograd Schema Challenge Results: AI Common Sense Still a Problem, For Now Jul 27, 2016
AI artists creates hypnotic 'animated watercolours' of NYC Jul 26, 2016
Apple CEO touts future technology amid iPhone worries Jul 26, 2016
How drones are learning to find their own way in the world Jul 26, 2016
Google taps AI to help you bid for digital ads Jul 25, 2016
New Google Assistant settings, 'Ok Google' driving commands found in Google app beta code Jul 24, 2016
The ultimate face swap? New search engine can show your face with any hairstyle - and even reveal you how well you'll age Jul 21, 2016
Want to help the future of self-driving cars? Sign up for Chffr - Roadshow Jul 21, 2016
To solve our growth problem, we must first solve our productivity problem Jul 21, 2016
Read this, not that Jul 20, 2016
Mark Zuckerberg reveals his 'AI butler' already controls his home and makes his toast every morning - and promises to reveal it soon Jul 20, 2016
Google vet's new Candid app for anonymous sharing puts trolls in their place - CNET Jul 20, 2016
Minecraft Is a Testing Ground for Human-AI Collaboration Jul 20, 2016
Microsoft unveils Swiftmoji keyboard that can pick the perfect emoticon for you Jul 19, 2016
Google uses AI to save on electricity from data centres Jul 19, 2016
MRI scans could reveal how smart you REALLY are, researchers say Jul 18, 2016