The video archive is a collection of videos relevant to AI, including demos of programs, lectures about concepts, general discussions, and TV programs that are informative and understandable. Some of the segments may be particularly useful in a classroom discussion. Read more about the Videos collection.

Title Minutes Topics Collections Yearsort ascending
Robotic animal thrives on land, in sea 1 min Robots 2007
Technology Review Letter from the Editor: On Science Fiction 1 min MIT 2007
BACON 1 min CMU 2007
Simulation of orbital cable to planet surface 3 min SAIL, Stanford 2007
Scientific American Frontiers with Alan Alda: "World Cup for Robots" segment from the "Games Machines Play" broadcast Games & Puzzles, Robot Planning & Action PBS 2007
Machines with Minds 29 min AI Overview, Philosophy The Vega Science Trust 2007
Expert Systems 1 min CMU 2007
Scientific American Frontiers with Alan Alda: "Robots Have Feelings, Too" segment from the "Natural Born Robots" broadcast 10 min Robots PBS 2007
Handsfree Decision Support - Full version Microsoft 2007
Computer Chronicles: Speech Synthesis (1984) 29 min 2007
Anybots' humanoid robot trains to do the dirty work 3 min Robots 2007
Scientific American Frontiers with Alan Alda: "RoboFlyers" segment from the "Robots Alive!" broadcast 11 min Robots PBS 2007
Overview Talk on Informatics by Edward "Ted" H. Shortliffe, MD, PhD., presented at the Biomedical Informatics @ Arizona State University Symposium 2006. 55 min 2007
Russian computer graphics of animated ant 7 min SAIL, Stanford 2007
Computer Chronicles: Neural Networks 29 min 2007
Domo Robot Helping With Chores 4 min Robots 2007
Scientific American Frontiers with Alan Alda: "Look, No Hands!" segment from the "Robots Alive!" broadcast 8 min Robots PBS 2007
Computer Chronicles: Women in Computing (1985) 29 min 2007
Robotics Engineer NASA 2007
Rover Flight Director Report: May 23, 2007 NASA 2007
Best-of Humanoid League Team Nimbro at RoboCup 2007 3 min Sports, Humanoid Robots, Robot Planning & Action 2007
Robot arm assembles water pump 5 min Robots SAIL, Stanford 2007
Robot arms assemble bearings and a hinge 8 min Robots SAIL, Stanford 2007
The Lumiere Project: Intelligent User Interface Interfaces Microsoft 2007
Computer Chronicles: Decision Support Systems / Computer-Aided Decision Making (1984) 28 min 2007
Cyberflora 1 min Biologically-Inspired Robots MIT 2007
Self-Improving Artificial Intelligence 69 min Machine Learning Stanford 2007
Symbol System: excerpt from AI: What Can it Do? Where is it Going? 2 min CMU 2007
Computers versus Common Sense 1 min 2007
Computer Chronicles: Computers & the Pentagon - Part Two (1986) 29 min 2007
Scientific American Frontiers with Alan Alda: Robot pals Robots PBS 2007
NATO Advanced Study Institute Workshop on Mining Massive Data Sets for Security 53 min Applications, Banking & Finance, Fraud Detection, Machine Learning, Data Mining, Representation & Reasoning, Expert Systems 2007
Handsfree Decision Support - Short version Microsoft 2007
Top Ten Robot Videos Robots 2007
Singularity Summit 2007 Keynote Speaker - Rodney Books: The Singularity, A Period Not An Event 47 min 2007
Scientific American Frontiers with Alan Alda: "Alpha Wolf" segment from "The Intimate Machine" broadcast Robots PBS 2007
USC Presents...Closer To Truth: Can We See the Near Future - Year 2025? 27 min 2007
John Mauchly: A computer pioneer flashes back to the '40s 9 min History 2007
Tower of Hanoi: excerpt from A Conversation with Herbert Simon – A Video Tribute by Julia Love 1 min Games & Puzzles CMU 2007
Technology Review Documentary: Tim Berners-Lee on the Semantic Web 8 min People, Programs, Institutions MIT 2007
SIAI Interview Series: Barney Pell, Powerset CEO 14 min Web & AI 2007
Endgame: Challenging the Masters 6 min Chess 2007
BrainWorks 28 min Cognitive Architectures 2007
Nanobot pushing a nanoball across the field Robots 2007
Do you have anything to say to your computer? Microsoft 2007
NASAs Mars Exploration Rover Video Gallery: Rover Navigation 101 - Autonomous Rover Navigation animation Robots NASA 2007
USC Presents...Closer To Truth: What is Consciousness? 27 min 2007
The Role of Semantic Web in Web 2.0: Partner or Follower? 1 min 2007
Why We Can Be Confident of Turing Test Capable AI Within a Quarter Century AAAI 2006
AAAI Fellows Symposium Panel #1: Visions of AI from the First Round of Graduate Students History AAAI 2006