The video archive is a collection of videos relevant to AI, including demos of programs, lectures about concepts, general discussions, and TV programs that are informative and understandable. Some of the segments may be particularly useful in a classroom discussion. Read more about the Videos collection.

Title Minutes Topics Collections Yearsort ascending
Unicycle riding robot unveiled Robots 2008
Linking Brains, Computers 3 min Interfaces 2008
TED Conference - Hod Lipson: Robots that are "self-aware" 6 min 2008
Introduction to Robotics Stanford Course 60 min Robots Stanford 2008
Hands-Free Human-Robot Interaction 3 min AAAI 2008
CALO Workflow Recognition and Proactive Assistance 1 min Interfaces, Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition AAAI 2008
More Than Meets the Eye 33 min 2008
Students create cleaning robot 1 min Robots in the Workplace BBC 2008
STARMAC: Stanford Testbed of Autonomous Rotorcraft for Multi-Agent Control 4 min AAAI 2008
Collection of Industrial Robot Videos Robots 2008
Humanoid Tai Chi Robot 3 min Robots 2008
Understanding Agent Behaviors in Game Environments 4 min Video Games AAAI 2008
RoboCup German Open 2008, Humanoid League Winner NimbRo 8 min Robots 2008
Kato, the Geocaching Robot 4 min Robot Perception AAAI 2008
CBR Noir 3 min Case-Based Reasoning AAAI 2008
HRP-2 2008
ReadyBot Goes to Work 2 min Robots 2008
Robot takes to Antarctic skies 2 min Earth & Atmospheric Science BBC 2008
BigDog 1 min Robots AAAI 2008
Mind Reading 2 min 2008
Robot Conducts Orchestra 2 min Humanoid Robots CBS 2008
CB2: Child Robot with Biomimetic Body 5 min Cognitive Science, Childhood Development, Robots, Humanoid Robots AAAI 2008
The Tactical Language and Culture Training System 4 min AAAI 2008
The Painting Fool 15 min Creativity & Intelligence 2008
Robots aim to top humans at air hockey 1 min Robot Planning & Action 2008
The Secure Wireless Agent Testbed 5 min AAAI 2008
MIT's Nexi MDS Robot 2 min Robots, Humanoid Robots, Manipulation & Locomotion MIT 2008
Searching with an Autononmous Robot 8 min Robots 2008
Bio-inspired Flying Robots 5 min Robots AAAI 2008
Social Referencing with Leonardo 2 min AAAI 2008
The Future of Robotics Robots 2008
Joshua Lederberg's contributions to science People, Programs, Institutions 2008
Self-Improving Artificial Intelligence 1 min 2008
DARPA LAGR Program: Learning Applied to Long-Range Vision using a Collision-Free Navigation Platform 5 min AAAI 2008
Digital Analysis of Van Gogh Paintings 5 min Machine Learning, Vision AAAI AI Video Competition 2008
ICML 2007 - The 24th Annual International Conference on Machine Learning 2008
Konabot 5 min AAAI 2008
Virtual Humans Research Project 3 min AAAI 2008
Human Computation 51 min Cognitive Architectures 2008
Introduction to Machine vs man poker challenge 7 min Poker 2008
Westworld: A Domain for Automatically Generated Narratives AAAI 2008
Imitating a RoboCup Soccer Player Using Case-Based Reasoning 5 min Robots AAAI 2008
Wired Science Interviews: Red Whittaker, Roboticist 5 min People, Programs, Institutions PBS 2008
Japan Displays Robo History 2 min Robots 2008
Body Builders 2008
Surprise Modeling 5 min Cognitive Science, Machine Learning MIT 2008
Poker Academy Bots Win AAAI Competition 2 min Poker 2008
IBM Demonstrates Speech-to-Sign Language Translation System 1 min Interfaces 2008
Robots that climb walls 1 min Robots 2008
Robots in the OR -- Stat! Robots 2008