The video archive is a collection of videos relevant to AI, including demos of programs, lectures about concepts, general discussions, and TV programs that are informative and understandable. Some of the segments may be particularly useful in a classroom discussion. Read more about the Videos collection.

Titlesort descending Minutes Topics Collections Year
Artificial Intelligence Arrives 3 min Robots in the Workplace, Robot Perception Discovery 2009
Human or Robot?!? 1 min Humanoid Robots 2013
TEDxUWollongong -- microchipping people 14 min Cognitive Science, Neuroscience, Ethics & Social Issues 2012
The Ethical Robot 4 min Ethics & Social Issues, Robot Ethics 2011
The Mechanization of Causal Inference: A ‘Mini Turing Test’ and Beyond 60 min Representation & Reasoning, Bayesian Inference ACM 2012
The Writer Automaton, Switzerland ca. early 1770s People, Programs, Institutions 2013
"Why the Semantic Web will never work" (note the quote marks) 92 min Ontologies, Semantic Web 2011
'Artificial intelligence' 221b Sherlock Holmes game 4 min Video Games, Discourse & Dialogue BBC 2009
10 Awesome Videos of Actual Robots Dancing. Robots, Humanoid Robots 2011
1965 interview with Isaac Asimov 1 min Science Fiction, SciFi Books & Authors, Science Fiction BBC Horizon 1965
A Conversation with Herbert Simon: Previous Research Experience 1 min People, Programs, Institutions CMU 2001
A Dream of Robots 8 min Robots MIT 2011
A panel discussion about Artificial Intelligence 25 min AI Overview, Natural Language, Machine Translation, Philosophy 2004
A vision of the future 9 min Smart Houses & Appliances
A.I. and Space Tech Astronomy & Space Exploration NASA 2002
AAAI Fellows Symposium Panel #1: Visions of AI from the First Round of Graduate Students History AAAI 2006
AAAI Fellows Symposium Panel #2: Inflection Points History AAAI 2006
AAAI Fellows Symposium Panel #3: The Founders' Forum 152 min AI Overview AAAI 2006
AAAI Fellows Symposium Panel #4: Summary Session History AAAI 2006
AAAI Fellows Symposium: Closing Remarks 3 min History AAAI 2006
AI: Artificial Intelligence (The Movie) The Future 2001
Al-Jazari - Master Engineer and Father of Robotics 6 min History, People, Programs, Institutions
All-new ASIMO 10 min Robots in the Workplace, Humanoid Robots Honda 2011
An early look at artificial Intelligence 28 min History Computer Chronicles 1984
Anybots' humanoid robot trains to do the dirty work 3 min Robots 2007
Artificial Intelligence 29 min AI Overview Computer Chronicles 1986
Artificial Intelligence: The Future Is Now 12 min AI Overview, The Future ABC News 2006
Automatically Generated Convex Regions for Agent Navigation in Virtual Worlds 5 min Video Games AAAI 2008
BACON 1 min CMU 2007
Best-of Humanoid League Team Nimbro at RoboCup 2007 3 min Sports, Humanoid Robots, Robot Planning & Action 2007
BigDog 1 min Robots AAAI 2008
Bio-inspired Flying Robots 5 min Robots AAAI 2008
Body Builders 2008
BrainWorks 28 min Cognitive Architectures 2007
Building Watson - A Brief Overview of the DeepQA Project 22 min Jeopardy!, Natural Language, Question Answering IBM 2010
CALO Workflow Recognition and Proactive Assistance 1 min Interfaces, Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition AAAI 2008
Cars that Think Applications, Automotive Industry, Autonomous Vehicles, Vision 2005
Cart at Mech. Eng. Dept. prior to Stanford AI Lab 8 min Robots SAIL, Stanford 2007
CB2: Child Robot with Biomimetic Body 5 min Cognitive Science, Childhood Development, Robots, Humanoid Robots AAAI 2008
CBR Noir 3 min Case-Based Reasoning AAAI 2008
Chess Play 1 min Chess CMU 2007
Children using Computers to Learn 6 min Intelligent Tutoring MIT 2007
Claims and Challenges in Evaluating Human-Level Intelligent Systems 12 min Roadblocks AGI 2009
Clip from "200l: A Space Odyssey" Applications, Astronomy & Space Exploration 2007
Collection of Industrial Robot Videos Robots 2008
Common LISP Object Standard 53 min Programming Languages Xerox 1987
Computer Chronicles: Computers & the Pentagon - Part Two (1986) 29 min 2007
Computer Chronicles: Decision Support Software 27 min 2007
Computer Chronicles: Decision Support Systems / Computer-Aided Decision Making (1984) 28 min 2007
Computer Chronicles: Neural Networks 29 min 2007