The video archive is a collection of videos relevant to AI, including demos of programs, lectures about concepts, general discussions, and TV programs that are informative and understandable. Some of the segments may be particularly useful in a classroom discussion. Read more about the Videos collection.

Title Minutessort descending Topics Collections Year
ICML 2007 - The 24th Annual International Conference on Machine Learning 2008
MSR Adaptive Systems & Interaction Projects Overview Microsoft 2007
Clip from "200l: A Space Odyssey" Applications, Astronomy & Space Exploration 2007
Cars that Think Applications, Automotive Industry, Autonomous Vehicles, Vision 2005
Westworld: A Domain for Automatically Generated Narratives AAAI 2008
Scientific American Frontiers with Alan Alda: "I, Robot" segment from the "Life's Really Big Questions" broadcast Robots PBS 2007
Body Builders 2008
Google's Peter Norvig on managing the data deluge Information Retrieval
The Singularity: Will we survive our tecdhnology? Goals & Visions, Social Issues 2012
Machines that Think Autonomous Vehicles 2001
Why We Can Be Confident of Turing Test Capable AI Within a Quarter Century AAAI 2006
Nightline Online: Meet George Chatbots, Natural Language 2006
Robots in the OR -- Stat! Robots 2008
Unmanned Ground Combat Vehicle Robots CMU 2007
AAAI Fellows Symposium Panel #1: Visions of AI from the First Round of Graduate Students History AAAI 2006
Robot enjoys online chat Chatbots, Natural Language
Scientific American Frontiers with Alan Alda: Cars That Think Robots PBS 2007
SimAgent Demonstration Movies from The University of Birmingham School of Computer Science 2007
Handsfree Decision Support - Short version Microsoft 2007
Scientific American Frontiers with Alan Alda: "World Cup for Robots" segment from the "Games Machines Play" broadcast Games & Puzzles, Robot Planning & Action PBS 2007
Unicycle riding robot unveiled Robots 2008
Handsfree Decision Support - Full version Microsoft 2007
Do you have anything to say to your computer? Microsoft 2007
AAAI Fellows Symposium Panel #2: Inflection Points History AAAI 2006
This Week on Philosophy Talk - Artificial Intelligence 2008
Unthinking Machines AI Overview, Machine Learning 2011
The Writer Automaton, Switzerland ca. early 1770s People, Programs, Institutions 2013
This Video Shows How Computers See the World Image Understanding 2012
AAAI Fellows Symposium Panel #4: Summary Session History AAAI 2006
AI: Artificial Intelligence (The Movie) The Future 2001
Watch: Woman or Machine? Sophisticated Japanese Shebot Blurs the Line Robots, Humanoid Robots 2012
Robotics Engineer NASA 2007
Collection of Industrial Robot Videos Robots 2008
Rover Flight Director Report: May 23, 2007 NASA 2007
HRP-2 2008
The Lumiere Project: Intelligent User Interface Interfaces Microsoft 2007
10 Awesome Videos of Actual Robots Dancing. Robots, Humanoid Robots 2011
Scientific American Frontiers with Alan Alda: Robot pals Robots PBS 2007
Top Ten Robot Videos Robots 2007
Scientific American Frontiers with Alan Alda: "Alpha Wolf" segment from "The Intimate Machine" broadcast Robots PBS 2007
A.I. and Space Tech Astronomy & Space Exploration NASA 2002
The Future of Robotics Robots 2008
Nanobot pushing a nanoball across the field Robots 2007
Joshua Lederberg's contributions to science People, Programs, Institutions 2008
Locating Women in Technology Ethics & Social Issues, Social Issues 2012
NASAs Mars Exploration Rover Video Gallery: Rover Navigation 101 - Autonomous Rover Navigation animation Robots NASA 2007
Self-Improving Artificial Intelligence 1 min 2008
Robots that climb walls 1 min Robots 2008
Human or Robot?!? 1 min Humanoid Robots 2013
IBM Demonstrates Speech-to-Sign Language Translation System 1 min Interfaces 2008