The video archive is a collection of videos relevant to AI, including demos of programs, lectures about concepts, general discussions, and TV programs that are informative and understandable. Some of the segments may be particularly useful in a classroom discussion. Read more about the Videos collection.

Title Minutes Topics Collections Yearsort ascending
Human or Robot?!? 1 min Humanoid Robots 2013
The Writer Automaton, Switzerland ca. early 1770s People, Programs, Institutions 2013
Science Behind the News: Crowdourcing 5 min Social Networks NBC 2012
Robot ethics: Morals and the machine 7 min Ethics & Social Issues, Robot Ethics 2012
TEDxUWollongong -- microchipping people 14 min Cognitive Science, Neuroscience, Ethics & Social Issues 2012
How To Survive A Robot Uprising (aka Robopocalypse) 4 min Robot Ethics 2012
Locating Women in Technology Ethics & Social Issues, Social Issues 2012
The Mechanization of Causal Inference: A ‘Mini Turing Test’ and Beyond 60 min Representation & Reasoning, Bayesian Inference ACM 2012
The ‘Miracle’ of Digital Health Records, 50 Years Ago 2 min History, Histories of Related Topics 2012
Toward Intelligent Humanoids 13 min Machine Learning, Humanoid Robots 2012
The Singularity: Will we survive our tecdhnology? Goals & Visions, Social Issues 2012
Top 3 Humanoid Robots In The World! 8 min Humanoid Robots 2012
Does Our Future Require Us to Go Back to Nature?: Ashok K. Goel at TEDxPeachtree 2012 21 min Cognitive Architectures, Creativity & Intelligence 2012
Machine Learning for Robotics 57 min Machine Learning, Robots 2012
The quest for a theory of vision: from the level framework (revised) to the invariances of the ventral stream 55 min Cognitive Science, Vision 2012
Vijay Kumar: Robots that fly ... and cooperate 16 min Autonomous Vehicles, Multi-Agent Systems, Robots 2012
This Video Shows How Computers See the World Image Understanding 2012
Watch: Woman or Machine? Sophisticated Japanese Shebot Blurs the Line Robots, Humanoid Robots 2012
Inside Watson's Brain: The Hardware Story 5 min Jeopardy! IBM 2012
10 Awesome Videos of Actual Robots Dancing. Robots, Humanoid Robots 2011
"Why the Semantic Web will never work" (note the quote marks) 92 min Ontologies, Semantic Web 2011
The Future of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence 16 min Machine Learning, Robots Stanford 2011
How Does the Brain Work? 53 min Neuroscience PBS 2011
The Ethical Robot 4 min Ethics & Social Issues, Robot Ethics 2011
Domestic robots compete in Istanbul 3 min Robots in the Home, Robots in the Workplace, Robots BBC 2011
Unthinking Machines AI Overview, Machine Learning 2011
RoboNova-1 Robots Dancing 3 min Robots, Humanoid Robots 2011
Smartest Machine on Earth 53 min Jeopardy! PBS 2011
Social Robots 11 min Robots in the Home, Robots PBS 2011
Moral dilemmas face future robots 5 min Ethics & Social Issues, Robot Ethics 2011
All-new ASIMO 10 min Robots in the Workplace, Humanoid Robots Honda 2011
A Dream of Robots 8 min Robots MIT 2011
Building Watson - A Brief Overview of the DeepQA Project 22 min Jeopardy!, Natural Language, Question Answering IBM 2010
Tom Mitchell: Never-Ending Learning 65 min Natural Language Understanding, Web & AI University of Washington 2010
Will Small Step for Robots Lead to Giant Leap for Robotkind? 9 min Robots, Biologically-Inspired Robots, Humanoid Robots PBS 2010
Perspectives on Watson - Witness to History 2 min Jeopardy! IBM 2010
Peter Norvig - The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Data 63 min Machine Learning 2010
Claims and Challenges in Evaluating Human-Level Intelligent Systems 12 min Roadblocks AGI 2009
Artificial Intelligence Arrives 3 min Robots in the Workplace, Robot Perception Discovery 2009
'Artificial intelligence' 221b Sherlock Holmes game 4 min Video Games, Discourse & Dialogue BBC 2009
Elizabeth Churchill: Beyond the hype of FlickTwitFaceSpace: The social Internet in everyday life 62 min Social Networks MIT 2009
Robot takes to Antarctic skies 2 min Earth & Atmospheric Science BBC 2008
BigDog 1 min Robots AAAI 2008
Robot Conducts Orchestra 2 min Humanoid Robots CBS 2008
Mind Reading 2 min 2008
ReadyBot Goes to Work 2 min Robots 2008
CB2: Child Robot with Biomimetic Body 5 min Cognitive Science, Childhood Development, Robots, Humanoid Robots AAAI 2008
The Secure Wireless Agent Testbed 5 min AAAI 2008
Robots aim to top humans at air hockey 1 min Robot Planning & Action 2008
MIT's Nexi MDS Robot 2 min Robots, Humanoid Robots, Manipulation & Locomotion MIT 2008