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Intelligent Communication with Computers

"The use of techniques from the field of autonomous agents provides a new complementary style of human-computer interaction, where the computer becomes an intelligent, active and personalized collaborator. Interface agents are computer programs that employ Artificial Intelligence methods to provide active assistance to a user of a particular computer application. The metaphor used is that of a personal assistant who is collaborating with the user in the same work environment. The assistant becomes gradually more effective as it learns the user's interests, habits and preferences."

- FLUIDS (Intelligent User Interfaces - New Achievements in Research)

Even the most sophisticated and powerful system will be next to useless without an effective user interface. If struggling with the operation of a video player is not your idea of fun, you can well understand why a part of the artificial intelligence community is devoted to scientifically developing interfaces that are easy and pleasant to use, and that form an effective, and possibly seamless, link between the intelligent machine(s) and the human user(s).


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