Grand Challenge Problems

Big Problems Posed as Challenges to AI Researchers

What constitutes an AI Grand Challenge?

Here's what Ron Brachman proposed in his July 2005 AAAI Presidential Address:(AA)AI - More than the Sum of its Parts (AI Magazine 27(4): Winter 2006, 19-34):

Grand Challenge Criteria [slide #41]

  • Clear and compelling demonstration of cognition
    • Non-gameable proxy for a range of problems requiring cognitive capabilities
  • Clear and simple measurement
    • Success is well-defined
  • Decomposable and diagnostic
    • Partial results; failure should point to way to needed improvement
  • Ambitious and visionary, but not unrealistic
    • Faith in success in 10 - 20 years
  • Compelling to the general public
  • Motivating for the research community

Image from DARPA Robotics Challenge.


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