Belief Revision

Managing an Agent's Web of Beliefs

"An information system characterizes a view of the world with which it interacts, and broadly speaking, its input can take two forms; a query or an impetus for change. Physically the information held by an information system might be a diagram, a graph, a spreadsheet, a database, a rulebase, or a more sophisticated cognitive entity. More often than not, information is uncertain and subject to change; this is the case even for simple database systems. Consequently an information system requires a mechanism for modifying its view as more information about the world is acquired."
 - Mary-Anne Williams. Tutorial: Belief Revision: Modeling The Dynamics Of Information Systems, 1995.

"Intelligent agents, like robots and infobots, have to manage beliefs about the world in order to achieve their design goals. We all know that beliefs can sometimes be wrong, so intelligent agents need to be able to revise beliefs when they acquire new information that contradicts their old beliefs. Belief Revision capabilities are crucially important for sound decision making and effective communication. In fact, belief revision is fundamental to an intelligent agent's being! This website is designed to provide useful resources and pointers into the world of Belief Revision."
Belief Revision Organization. Resources include: conference information, publications, software, and tutorials.

"We mourn the cancellation of what was arguably to have been the highlight of the Pacific Rim conference on Artificial Intelligence in Tokyo last week. Still, if the organisers of the International Workshop on Belief Change can't change their minds, who can?"
Feedback column September 7, 2002. New Scientist (Vol. 175; pg. 108).


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