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To be useful, a system has to be able to do more than just correctly perform some task. --- John McDermott

Although engineers in artificial intelligence often are inspired by thinking about what robots will do on Mars in 50 years, [Milind] Tambe said, "This is not planet Mars. This is planet Earth, and we are being useful right here and right now." --- USC student's computer program enlisted in security efforts at LAX

Artificial intelligence is already very much a part of everyday life in industrialized nations. AI is helping people in every field make better use of information to work smarter, not harder.

People of the future may look back on our society and marvel at our way of life: doctors relying mainly on their memory for all the salient facts to a case, cars that can't parallel-park themselves, factories requiring human assembly-line drudgery, library books unable to recommend other relevant information sources.


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