1. Publication

    Man Versus Machine for the World Checkers Championship

    ... ."In August 1992, the world checkers champion, Marion Tinsley, defended his title against the computer program CHINOOK. Because of its success in human tournaments, CHINOOK had earned the right to play for the world championship.Tinsley won the best-o ...

  2. AI in the News

    Algorithm beats jigsaw-solving record

    ... ... if one piece becomes progressively lighter from left to right, it is likely that the piece nestles between a lighter piece on the left and a darker one on the right. In addition to solving puzzles, Gallagher also used elements of his algorithm to enter ...

  3. Podcast

    Tech Nation- David Shenk on Chess

    ... Dr. Moira Gunn speaks with David Shenk, author of "Data Smog" and "The Immortal Game- A History of Chess," about how chess influenced the first computer scientists, and how Garry Kasparov dealt with being beaten by a computer. Chess 2 ...