1. Video

    Perspectives on Watson- Witness to History

    ... Interviews with Ray Mooney, Jerry Hobbes, and other AI scientists about the Watson program designed at IBM to compete in the game of Jeopardy. Jeopardy! interview Mooney Hobbes 2 010 General Readings IBM Video ...

  2. Podcast

    Accelerating Problem Solving

    ... Listen to this presentation by David Fogel, CEO of Natural Selection, delivered at the Accelerating Change 2005 conference, and made available by IT Conversations: "Experiments in artificial intelligence have focused traditionally on replicating huma ...

  3. Publication

    Chinook: The World Man-Machine Checkers Champion

    ...  "In 1992, the seemingly unbeatable World Checker Champion Marion Tinsley defended his title against the computer program CHINOOK. After an intense, tightly contested match, Tinsley fought back from behind to win the match by scoring four wins to CHI ...