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    Countrywide Loan-Underwriting Expert System

    ... "Countrywide loan-underwriting expert system (clues) is an advanced, automated mortgage-underwriting rule-based expert system. The system was developed to increase the production capacity and productivity of Countrywide branches, improve the consiste ...

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    An Intelligent System for Case Review and Risk Assessment in Social Services

    ...  "This article reports on the development and implementation of DISXPERT, an intelligent rule-based system tool for referral of social security disability recipients to vocational rehabilitation services." Social Science Expert Systems 1 998 Gen ...

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    Technology, Work and the Organization: The Impact of Expert Systems

    ... This article examines the near-term impact of expert system technology on work and the organization. First, an approach is taken for forecasting the likely extent of the diffusion, or success, of the technology. Next, the case of advanced manufacturing te ...