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    The Future of Robots

    ... Futurist Ray Kurzweil explains how the boundary between man and machine is quickly disappearing. By Ray Kurzweil. Popular Science. "The aspiration to build human-level androids can be regarded as the ultimate challenge in artificial intelligence. To ...

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    Trust me, I'm a robot

    ...  As robots move into homes and offices, ensuring that they do not injure people will be vital. But how? The Economist Technology Quarterly (June 8, 2006). "Last year there were 77 robot-related accidents in Britain alone, according to the Health and ...

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    Newsmaker interview with Matt Mason

    ... Mason, Matt Newsmaker interview with Matt Mason, director of the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University---Roboticist inspired by more than machines. By Candace Lombardi. CNET (May 18, 2007).Mason is known for his work on the mechanics o ...

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    To Know or Not to Know: On the Utility of Models in Mobile Robots.

    ... Applications Autonomous Vehicles Robots 1 997 General Readings Thrun, Sebastian Publication ...

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    Timeline: Real robots

    ... "Robots are not new. They have been around for centuries in various forms. Here's a brief overview of the development of both robots and computers." History Brief Histories & Timelines Histories of Related Topics Robots 2 001 General Re ...

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    Asimo shows off dance moves

    ... Honda's humanoid robot, Asimo, was demonstrating its latest abilities at the 2011 IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems recently held in San Francisco. Scientists at the Honda Research Institute in Mountain View, California ...