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    Work and No Play Makes HAL a Dull Program

    ...  "The clear majority of applied work in artificial intelligence (AI) has involved practical problems in such areas as business, medicine, defense, and so forth. This is as it should be, but there is also room for the application of AI to the arts. AI ...

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    What Do People Want from Information Retrieval

    ... (The Top 10 Research Issues for Companies that Use and Sell IR Systems) Information Retrieval overview 1 995 Good Starting Places Croft, W. Bruce Publication ...

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    From data storage to information retrieval

    ...  "[M]uch IR research effort in recent years has been directed toward developing more sophisticated representation models and matching algorithms, often based around natural language processing (NLP) techniques. NLP technology can provide many of the ...

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    Building a Better Search Engine

    ... Powerset's superiority lies in the three decades of hard work by scientists at PARC. (PARC licensed much of its natural-language search technology to Powerset in February.) There was not one piece of technology that solved the problem, Pell says, but ...

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    The Language Problem: Jaguars & The Turing Test

    ... Given the grammatical structure and syntax, we can easily reduce the possible meanings of love (of which there are 28, according to down to a subset that have slightly different meanings, but all basically translate as, have a strong likin ...