1. Publication

    Machine Learning: A Historical and Methodological Analysis

    ...  "Machine learning has always been an integral part of artificial intelligence, and its methodology has evolved in concert with the major concerns of the field. In response to the difficulties of encoding ever-increasing volumes of knowledge in moder ...

  2. Publication

    AI's Next Brain Wave

    ... New research in artificial intelligence could lay the groundwork for computer systems that learn from their users and the world around them. Part four in The Future Of Software series. InformationWeek (April 25, 2005). "Computer scientists at the Pal ...

  3. Podcast

    Accelerating Problem Solving

    ... Listen to this presentation by David Fogel, CEO of Natural Selection, delivered at the Accelerating Change 2005 conference, and made available by IT Conversations: "Experiments in artificial intelligence have focused traditionally on replicating huma ...