1. Topic overview

    Scientific Discovery

    ... discovery. Buchanan stated the new research program:'The traditional problem of finding an effective ... Discovery ...

  2. Publication

    Recent Work in Computational Scientific Discovery

    ...  "The study of computational scientific discovery emerged from the view that science is ... discovery in either historical or contemporary cases, and that methods in artificial intelligence provide ... Herbert Simon (e.g., 1977)." Scientific Discovery bibliography 1 997 Educational Resources Darden, ...

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    An approach to automatic theory formation

    ... Scientific Discovery classic 1 960 Amarel, S. Publication ...

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    Heuristic theory formation: data interpretation and rule formation

    ... Scientific Discovery chemistry 1 972 General Readings Buchanan, Bruce G., Edward A. Feigenbaum, N.S. Sridharan Publication ...

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    Steps Toward Automatic Theory Formation

    ... scientists explore certain kinds of data bases. Scientific Discovery classic dissertation Michigan 1 973 ...