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    ... Creating New Objects that Satisfy Constraints"AI characterizations of creative design tend to ... routine, innovative, and creative design in the terms of the theory.... The second kind of characterization arises from specific AI theories of design. The AI in design theorist posits a computational process for ...

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    Architecture & Design

    ... The general design process is often characterized as mapping needs to function to structure. It is carried out using many different types of reasoning and many different sources of knowledge. In general, design is the process of specifying a description of an artifact that satisfies a collection of ...

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    Engineering Design

    ... "Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques are now being used by the practising engineer to solve a whole range of hitherto intractable problems. This journal provides an international forum for rapid publication of work describing the practical applic ...

  4. Publication

    Tree-searching methods with an application to a network design problem

    ... Engineering Design classic 1 967 Burstall, R.J. Publication ...

  5. Publication

    Automated design of multiple-valued logic circuits by automated theorem proving techniques

    ... Engineering Design classic 1 983 Wojciechowski, W. S. and Wojcik, A. S. Publication ...

  6. Publication

    Cognitive Processes and III-Defined Problems: A Case Study from Design

    ... ill-defined problems. A protocol of problem solving in architectural design and its analysis is presented. The ... this retrieval process are examined. The search process involved in the space planning aspect of design ... retrieval and search processes are examined. Architecture & Design classic protocol analysis 1 969 ...