1. Topic overview

    Creativity & Intelligence

    ... Can Computers be Creative? How?How can [a creative idea] arise, then, if not by magic? And how can one impossible idea be more surprising, more creative, than another? How can creativity happen?- from Margaret Boden's Creativity and Unpredictability ...

  2. Publication

    The Mechanics of Creativity

    ... "Our goal is to come up with an algorithmic definition of creativity, a set of processes and steps that can account for the kind of creative thinking that we observe in people. Although the idea of a human or machine exhibiting creativity by following a set of rules seems on the face to be ...

  3. Publication

    The Processes of Creative Thinking

    ... "We ask first whether we need a theory of creative thinking distinct from a theory of problem ... creative when the problems solved are relatively new and difficult. Next, we summarize what has been ... relatively creative with relative routine problem solving." Creativity & Intelligence classic 1 958 ...

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    The Painting Fool

    ... Creativity & Intelligence video demo art 2 008 Video ...