Meeting the Responsibility to Explain AI

Every scientist and every scientific society has a responsibility to explain goals and methods and convey research results to the lay public, with additional importance attached to educating young students in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.  AITopics was set up to meet this responsibility for the AAAI and has been in operation for over ten years.   Available without charge to everyone, the web site serves several audiences around the world, for example providing background material for projects for high school students, course syllabi for instructors, AI classics for historians and researchers, factual material for legislative analysts, and current news for members.  However, as the amount of information has increased dramatically within the lifetime of the AAAI, the challenges of finding and presenting credible and useful information have also increased.  This calls for an AI solution.

We have automated the aggregation of relevant and interesting news about AI for the weekly email alert, using heuristics to select items and machine learning to update them.  We are working to generalize the ensemble of programs to aggregate relevant and interesting overview articles and other readings that are good explanations of our science.  We will describe some of the technical problems we face and describe opportunities for new technological development. 

We welcome collaborative efforts that use AI to change the nature of work in our field.

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