Machines Who Think

A fascinating "must-read" that traces the quest for artificial intelligence back to ancient times, and then proceeds though various current topics with readable explanations and lively interview excerpts. Updated in 2004.] '"This twenty-fifth anniversary edition [of 2004] will contain a lengthy afterword.... It will also have two time lines, one where the history of AI is narrowly construed, and another where AI is cast into a far larger context of human endeavor...."

See her AI FAQ Collection. Questions include:

  • How long has the human race dreamed about thinking machines?
  • What does it mean that a machine beat Garry Kasparov, the world's chess champion?
  • Artificial intelligence - is it real?
  • What so-called smart computers do -- is that really thinking?
  • But doesn't that mean our own machines will replace us?
  • Shouldn't we just say no to intelligent machines? Aren't the risks too scary?
  • What's ahead as AI succeeds even more?

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