Computer Wins on Jeopardy!: Trivial, It's Not

... The contest, which was taped in January here at the company's T. J. Watson Research Laboratory before an audience of I.B.M. executives and company clients, played out in three televised episodes concluding Wednesday. At the end of the first day, Watson was in a tie with Brad Rutter, another ace human player, at $5,000 each, with Mr. Jennings trailing with $2,000. But on the second day, Watson went on a tear. By night's end, Watson had a commanding lead with a total of $35,734, compared with Mr. Rutter's $10,400 and Mr. Jennings' $4,800. But victory was not cemented until late in the third match, when Watson was in Nonfiction. "Same category for $1,200" it said in a manufactured tenor, and lucked into a Daily Double. Mr. Jennings grimaced. Even later in the match, however, had Mr. Jennings won another key Daily Double it might have come down to Final Jeopardy, I.B.M. researchers acknowledged. The final tally was $77,147 to Mr. Jenning's $24,000 and Mr. Rutter';s $21,600.

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