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AI in the News

For the Debaters: What Shall We Do About the Tech Careening Our Way?

In testing how Donald J. Trump and Hillary Clinton might respond to the not-too-distant possibility of trucks that drive themselves, we might get at something most political debates fail to address: how the candidates are weighing the costs and benefits of rapid, unpredictable and transformative technological change.

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Researchers Use Machine Learning to Detect Pathogenic Bacteria in Cattle

A research team from the University of Edinburgh’s Roslin Institute used computer software to analyze genetic information from both pathogenic and harmless forms of E.coli O157. The team utilized machine learning, a form of artificial intelligence that allows computers to learn and analyze patterns. With this method, the researchers “trained” the computer to discriminate between human and cattle E.coli strains. The computer was then able to use genetic data to predict if a particular bacterial isolate would be pathogenic to humans.

Published in Nadejda Lupolova et al. Support vector machine applied to predict the zoonotic potential of O157 cattle isolates. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (2016).


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Google Allo released, letting people chat while being watched by its robots

Google’s Allo chat app has finally been released.

The new messaging platform hopes to win people over from the huge variety of other chat apps – like iMessage, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger – by taking advantages of Google’s smart robots. The little assistant sits within the app itself, and can be called on as part of a conversation.

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Victor Scheinman, Assembly Line Robot Inventor, Dies at 73

Victor Scheinman, who overcame his boyhood nightmares about a science-fiction movie humanoid to build the first successful electrically powered, computer-controlled industrial robot, died on Tuesday in Petrolia, Calif. He was 73.

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How artificial intelligence is redefining the future of real estate

Over three separate days of testing, Rebchook’s favorite recommendation came from the algorithm each day, as did two of his three overall favorites.

“I couldn’t really differentiate between what the bots picked and the human picked,” Rebchook said. “I guess if computers can beat us at chess and Go, they can best us at picking houses, too.”

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Chronically ill kids attend school via telepresence robots

A new study from the University of California at Irvine explores the impact of telepresence robots in classrooms. Although telecommuting to school isn't ideal, the study found that kids felt more socially connected with their peers and more involved academically. In short, they were happier.

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Salesforce unveils Einstein AI to help close deals

With Einstein, salespeople can focus on leads that statistically show the most promise of becoming clients, and customer service reps may be better prepared to answer a rainbow of consumer queries.

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What It Feels Like to Ride in a Self-Driving Uber

On Wednesday, Uber rolled out a pilot program of its driverless cars to its most loyal customers in Pittsburgh, giving them the chance to hail an autonomous Uber for the first time. With the trial, a handful of test vehicles — Ford Fusions at first — will roam the streets, each car coming with a human safety engineer who has undergone training to reassure riders that the process is safe.