About NewsFinder

NewsFinder is an AI program that automates the steps involved in finding, selecting, classifying, summarizing and publishing news stories that meet subjective judgments of relevance and interest to the Artificial Intelligence community.

Each day NewsFinder scans a number of high-quality online news sources and selects stories that it deems relevant to the Artificial Intelligence community. It also includes stories suggested by GoogleNews. For each story it determines the subset of the 18 AITopics major topics for which the story is relevant. Each Monday morning, NewsFinder publishes the week's news in the AI-Alert mailing list.

NewsFinder's source code can be found at the AAAI GitHub page.

Articles on NewsFinder

NewsFinder Vision

The primary goal of NewsFinder is to be a trusted, timely, and educational source of AI-related news that is collected, summarized, and categorized nowhere else.

NewsFinder Mission

The means by which NewsFinder will achieve its goal will be to:

  • Provide links to relevant and interesting news stories about Artificial Intelligence that are available from credible online sources.
  • Automate the service of finding and summarizing stories to avoid manual labor.
  • Implement the service in a straightforward, well-documented program using available tools to provide a foundation for future improvement.

NewsFinder Strategic value

  • Relevant, interesting news delivered to subscribers
  • Wider reach than possible with human curators
  • Showcase of AI techniques
  • Efficiency of future development

NewsFinder Guiding Principles

  • Students, teachers, researchers, and journalists want and need to know what's "new" in AI
  • Human effort should be minimal because of the size of the task and that AAAI should support effective AI techniques
  • Software and processes should be documented

NewsFinder Deliverables

  • Software that finds, summarizes, and categorizes relevant and high-quality news
  • Interfaces for editor oversight and tuning
  • User studies that reflect on NewsFinder's effectiveness and utility
  • Documentation that aids future maintainers