About AITopics

AITopics is a mediated information portal provided by AAAI (The Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence), with the goal of communicating the science and applications of AI to interested people around the world.

We have selected and annotated many exemplary, non-technical resources within the categories shown in the left menu.   Within each category we offer abundant information through the use of links to online articles, videos, and occasional selections of print resources.

We are accumulating links to online versions of books and papers that have influenced the growth of the field in a virtual archive of classic publications.  

AITopics also catalogs videos about AI stored digitally on other sites, or physically in institutional archives. Funding for the video project has been received from the NSF (Award #0738341) and the AI Jounal Foundation.

To submit new content, suggest changes or raise other issues, use the Contact US form found in the left panel all pages.

Articles on AITopics

- Bruce Buchanan, Reid Smith, Joshua Eckroth