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AITopics is intended primarily for instructors of AI courses and students from high school through first-year graduate school so you can:

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See this recent presentation: Meeting the Responsibility to Explain AI, from the Twenty-Seventh AAAI Conference (AAAI-13), Bellevue, WA. July 18, 2013

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Topic overviews are the foundation of AITopics. Ranging over nearly 200 topics, each overview provides a short description of a topic and provides links to a variety of other resources. Good starting places include the AI Overview and Machine Learning.
Artificial intelligence is part of our global culture, and its impact on our everyday lives is growing. Searching for news about AI presents a deluge of information. Why not use a little AI of our own to better handle the task? Our software automatically crawls and categorizes the news and presents it to you as AI in the News.
Students, educators, and other interested folks will love the Video collection showcasing everything from robot janitors to an hour-long documentary about the computer that won Jeopardy!
On the go? Grab a Podcast and learn about the emergent properties of brains, bees, and cities or recent developments in poker-playing machines.
Our editors (themselves experts in the field) have collected classic articles and books about artificial intelligence. Many have links to online PDF versions. Why not take a look at our collection of Classic Articles & Books?
Many other links that do not fit into the above categories may be found throughout this website. Rather than rewrite what has already been written, we take you to the original sources.

Browse by topic and within each subtopic and locate the good starting places, general readings, news articles, classic books & articles, videos, podcasts and other information. Within each category items are listed with the most recent first. Use the Search box, AI in the News, Videos, Podcasts, and Classics buttons to locate information across topics.